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Strixhaven Collector Booster Box Break - Break #5 (See description for details)

Strixhaven Collector Booster Box Break - Break #5 (See description for details)

Available Friday, April 23 2021
Brand New, 7 left
CAD$ 52.49
  • Description

    You are buying 1 spot in a box as per the box spot you purchased. 

    When all spots of the box have been sold, you will be emailed with the date/time of your break so you can watch live (or watch the recording afterwards). 

    The Aether Vault Games twitch stream box breaks will be on Mondays and Thursdays at 1pm mountain time on our twitch stream. 

    Using the website random.org you will be randomly assigned a spot (Blue, Black, Red, White, Green, Artifact/land and MultiColour/colourless) and will receive all cards from the box that correspond with that spot. Double Faced Modal cards (DFM) will be considered the colour or spot of the front of the card. Coloured Artifacts are considered part of the artifact spot.

    All uncommon, rares, mythics and foils of your spot will then be shipped to you (or available for pickup, depending on the method you choose at checkout). Non-foil tokens and commons are not typically included in the box break. If you would like them please contact us. Additional shipping charges may apply. 

    Please be aware that if you also purchased any other items with the box break they will be held and shipped to you after the box break is completed. 


    While we try to maintain the integrity of having all of the box opened on camera live, technology can sometimes fail. If that is the case we will continue the break once we have the stream back online again.